Climbing 999 steps. Hanging in the clouds. Heading to heaven.

Day 50

Sunday August 7, 2011

All I can say is: simply incredible. We traveled 5000 feet in the air to the top of Tianmen Mountain. The mountain is named after a huge opening in the mountain near the peak that looks like a gate to heaven, thus the name “Heavenly Gate Mountain” – Tianmen Mountain (see picture of the gate). It look us 4 buses, 3 aerial cableways, a two hour walk through the clouds, and 1 ski lift to get to the top, but it was amazing and well worth the travel.

I must say that there is something so magical about mountains – the giants in the sky. The natural beauty of the mountain is something that can never be replicated. Mist and clouds surround the majestic mountain, as if for protection. We made our way along the path, but we could barely see the path since the clouds surrounded us the entire time. However, once all the buses, aerial cableways, paths, and the ski lift were taken, there was just one leg of the journey left and just one thing in our way – 999 steps to the top. It was difficult to climb those steps especially since it was raining, making it more slippery. Arriving at the top, however, was indescribable. This time, unfortunately, pictures do not do the mountain justice. It is one of those times where you have to be there in order to truly appreciate the beauty and magnificence of such a place. I truly was in heaven.


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